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Please enjoy your new host Santana Redd!

Santana Redd says her farts have been really smell lately which make them the perfect weapon to use against someone if she gets pissed off.  See Santana loves to have sex.. several times a day but mostly before she goes to bed to help her sleep.  Every nite she is ready to get drilled.. but sadly every nite her man is too tired and just wants to sleep after a long day at work.  She gets SO ANGRY that she assaults him under the covers with her stinky gas to wake him up.  and he does this seemingly every night!  So guess what every nite he is getting PUMMELED with LONG, DEEP FARTS under the covers!  He hates it but she does not care... she's like "gimme sex or smell these rotten farts".  Finally on Friday he is tired of smelling ROTTEN ASS so he gives her the sex she wants (you POV style) and she is really excited and agressive.  'YES, FINALLY, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER'... I guess she was really horny after all!

YES!!  You heard me right!  All these years of working with Santana I have never had her do a simple fart comp.  I have been loving they way her farts have sounded recently so I told her I wanted to hear ALL OF THEM!  They have been so deep and bassy lately I just can't get enough of them... so here ya go and compilation of sexy Santana Redd's farts over a 2 week period with NO LAG TIME between farts!

It's been a few days now and you are still trapped in Santana's Closet!  It smells so bad and it gets worse with every fart!  IT SMELLS LIKE ROTTEN EGGS so strong in that little compartment.  You tell her but she is tired of your complaining... she has a "shut up and sniff" type of attitude going on.  Finally at the end of this clip she unties you and the both of you make sweet love together as a reward for your punishment.

You and Santana were playing a fun FART GAME where she would TIE YOU UP and stick her ass right in your face and blow ROTTEN FARTS right on your nose.. then suddenly Her Father comes over and she has to stuff you in her closet to hide!  You must stay there until her father leaves but don't worry.. she will continue the FART GAME with you because every time she has to fart she will stick her round ass into the closet and rip that SMELLY FART right up your nose!  and WATCH OUT they are STINKY lately!

Miss Johnson is the HOTTEST and WEIRDEST tutor I have ever had!  She is supposed to be teaching me Algebra 2 but she just sits there in the chair ripping LONG, BASSY FARTS the whole time!  She just keeps farting non stop... it is so weird.  Her farts really turn me on so I got up the nerve to ask her to let me sniff one.  I thought she would be freaked out but she was really sweet about it and started FARTING IN MY FACE OVER AND OVER AGAIN!  Then she took her skirt off and let me sniff and eat her BARE ASS!  Man O Man wait till I tell my friends about this!!!   

OCTOBER 18TH  2018

Santana is a really simple girl to please.. she just wants to suck your cock and have sex all day!  Sure she will cater to your little "fart fetish" if that is what it takes for her to get the "D" cause at the end of the day she is a sex-a-holic!  She will sit around all day long ripping DEEP, TROMBONE sounding farts and waving the "weird" smell toward your face if at the end of the day you fuck her brains out.. you BOTH will be happy!  In this POV fantasy her farts sound are so SEXY.. the DEEP TONES will drive you wild!


You like farts.. Santana understands that but you ALWAYS want to fuck after you sniff one of her eggy farts!  She is a very sexy girl and also a very GASSY girl and her eggy farts turn you on SO MUCH!  You are always trying to get some sex from her 24 hours a day because she is ALWAYS FARTING DEEP EGGY FARTS which means you are always horny.

SCENE ONE- You are rubbing her back, she feels relaxed and starts ripping HUGE farts in your face.. you get turned on and immediately start having missionary sex with her!

SCENE TWO-  She is on the couch relaxing.. ready to go to bed.. but she is letting some deep farts out as she sits there in her GREY LEGGINGS!  The smell is SO EGGY it really turns you on.. she is too tired to fuck but she jerks you off and lets you CUM IN HER MOUTH!

SCENE THREE-  she is doing a sexy dance for you, in tight jeans and ripping LONG, DEEP FARTS!  She is in a good mood so she is trying to make you happy... then you fuck her brains out on a computer chair!

This is POV LIFE With Santana Redd your sexy GASSY girlfriend.


Santana Redd is one of the top 2 or 3 fart models to ever do it... period.  She is a top seller and more importantly the best CLIP MAKER I have ever worked with.  Hot, gorgeous, sexy tatted up body and DEEP, LONG, BASSY farts!  She was the original "she is too pretty to fart" type of model and she became even MORE popular as the years went on.  She stopped making clips for a while and I have been counting the days for her to come back.. and that time is NOW!  I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND HOW INCREDIBLE SHE IS.. that is why I had to bring her back for 2018 and beyond.. to educate you all on FART FETISH PERFECTION..  in this clip.....

1.  She starts off relaxing and sipping on a glass of wine after a long day of work.  She has been holding  her farts in all day so FINALLY she is home and she can let it all out!  they are SO DEEP and bassy sitting on the hard chair.. they sound so sexy!  you come in the room and want to fuck... she lets you smell a few farts but she is too tired to fuck.. so she gives you a slow and sloppy POV blowjob!

2.  SECOND SCENE- she is laying on her tummy telling you how she "wishes you were there" so she could push her raunchy gas into your face.. the sexy thing about this clip is she farts mid sentence.. ex. "I wish you were here so I could (BRUUUMMMMMPH) in your face"  this method is SO SEXY and unique!

3.  FINAL SCENE-  She is sitting on the toilet taking a MONSTER DUMP and you can hear it!  She again farts and dumps mid sentence while talking.. ex.  "I wish you were her so I could (BPLLLAZZZT BRUMPHHH PLOP PLOP) right in your mouth"  this is so hot and unique!  lots of explosive toilet sounds.  then she tells you...  SHE WANTS YOU TO EAT IT!  she brings her ass over to you right off the toilet so you could eat kiss and sniff her stinky ass.. right after her HUGE dump!

SANTANA REDD is back and BETTER THAN EVER with her unique style.. this is a MUST SEE!


THIS IS A BODILY FUNCTION LALAPALOOZA!  This 20 MINUTE MOVIE showcases 3 distinct things..



3.  THE LONGEST NATURAL FART TO COME OUT OF A GIRL (30 SECOND FART) only the original QOF has ever ripped a 30 SECOND FART and now DEBBIE has topped the OG QOF!!

I told Debbie to film for over a month and send me only the BEST of her content.. the longest farts.. the biggest loads drop and some EXPLOSIVE diarrhea for my fans of the runs! and NO we did not forget our SHART LOVERS.. there is even a HUGE SHART in this one! ......... NO FETISH IS LEFT OUT!


AUGUST 19TH  2018

Me and Debbie have a ritual that we do every Friday.  

FIRST- We wake up and sniff her morning farts together.  Those are always the biggest stinkiest ones.  I love her facial expressions as she pushes out these MONSTER FARTS she is so cute when farting.

SECOND-  She goes and takes a MONSTER DUMP and lets me watch her and sniff her SMELLY LOAD!  we laugh together until she is completely EMPTIED.

THIRD-  She bends her huge ass over so I can eat her asshole after her big smelly dump.  I don't know what this turns me on but it turns her on too so she begins masterbating!  She farts during this too!

FOURTH-  I lay her down and FUCK HER BRAINS OUT before she showers and gets ready for her work day

this is something we do every Friday as you can see in this POV fantasy style video!

AUGUST 5TH  2018

THIS IS OFFICIALLY MY FAVORITE VIDEO!!!  Sexy Nicole Blaze, Debbie Disturrbed and Crazy Penelope decided to go on girls road trip!  All three of them are fart fetish models so you know what that means!  HOT BOX CITY!  They all had bad gas and there were 3 distinct smells.  Debbies farts smelled like onionz... Nicole's smelled like rotten cabbage and Penelope's smelled like plain old BOO BOO!  So imagine what that care must have smelled like.  They stopped for burgers and that was the culprit for all that gas that was happening.. this is a fun and unique clip that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!

JULY 23RD  2018

Debbie has created a SECRET BUNKER where the two of you can escape to enjoy each other.  She has been eating ONLY EGGS for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT and her farts smell exactly like STINKY ROTTEN EGGS!  You guys are both in her UNDER GROUND BUNKER and she is FARTING UP A STORM!  The smell of these farts are SO EGGY and the aroma is making both of you guys HORNY!  Her ass looks SO GOOD her farts are so LONG AND RUMBLY and the SMELL man that SMELL is intoxicating!  After OVER 20 MINUTES OF BUBBLY EGG FARTS you cannot take it anymore... you pull her out of the bunker, take her to your bed and FUCK HER BRAINS OUT as she rides your HARD COCK with those balloon boobies bouncing in your face!  THIS IS A FART FETISH FART LOVERS FANTASY that you do not want to miss... EVER!