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FEBRUARY 10th 2020
She is a good girlfriend but you treat her really bad sometimes.. she is PISSED at you.  But she was bad gas today and she always farts in your face especially when they are REALLY LONG FARTS!  These farts are TEN SECONDS LONG and even though she is pissed at you she hates wasting TEN SECOND FARTS so whenever she has to fart she will bring it to you, from the other room.. and let out that TEN SECOND FART in your face.   but she tells you "you don't deserve this, but I am doing it anyway" and that she is "so mad at you"  oh and then she tells you to FUCK OFF and leaves.

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You and Santana are on your first date.  You guys just finished a BIG dinner, now you are out at a club dancing with her.  She is a fart fetish model and she KNOWS you like it when girls fart.. so she farts for you right in the middle of the club.. right on the dance floor.. people are around but she does not care.  it is all about YOU and HER right now and she just wants to make you smile.. YOU.. her biggest fart fan!!!


Imagine getting blown by Santana while she is farting.. Imagine fucking her missionary while she is farting long gusty farts on your balls.. Imagine hitting it from the back while she blows TUBA FARTS in your face the whole time.. well imagine no more.. cuz THIS is fart sex with Santana Redd!


Santana Redd is EATING BOILED EGGS and blowing them right back in your face.  She is eating them while looking back at you and the EGGY FART SMELL is instant!  "I am farting these eggs out right into your face" she says..  these farts long deep and BASSY... you will be in EGGY FART paradise!



yea, it was bad.. you and your sexy roommate Santana Red was doing so well until she finds you sniffing her dirty panties.. she CURSES YOU OUT then she turns around and PUNISHES YOUR FACE with stinky farts.. they really stink too.. she thinks you are bothered by the bad smell but you LOVE IT!


YOU AND SANTANA ARE IN LOVE!  yes somehow you and your hot roommate Santana Redd are NOW DATING!  She used to call you a creep but now she things you SNIFFING HER FARTS is cute and adorable.  She is laying on the couch playing on her phone and you are laying behind her.. and she is FARTING IN YOUR FACE.. saying sweet things

"sniff it baby go ahead"

"do they stink?"

"I just want to lay here and fart for you all night long"

somehow man.. you won her over.. probably because you pay her rent.. but.. whatever works
DECEMBER 31st 2019

Santana has had a long day at work sitting at a desk all day.  Her butt hurts.  She knows you like it when girls farts so she tells you if you massage her ass she will fart in your face!  And that she did!  she is farting a LOT too! and they stink!  maybe the BUTT MASSAGE is helping her to relax and get them out.


Her farts were SOO LONG..  I felt bad for spying on her.  I don't know what she ate but these were awesome farts!  Her ass is so thick.. and round.. she is just so hot and girly...  I felt so creepy spying on her.. then she NOTICED I WAS BEHIND HER!!  She called me a CREEP and she tells me "I am starting to think you are turned on by farts".. the whole situation is so AWKWARD.. but still VERY HOT!

DECEMBER 16th 2019

Your hot roommate Santana Redd is short on her part of the rent this month.  She owes you ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.  But she wants to make a deal with you..  she will let you sniff her RUMBLY FARTS if you pay her part of the rent just for this month.  She is telling you this in the clip.  You DON'T want to do it.. but her farts are so DEEP and GULPY sitting in that chair that you get too HORNY and say yes... so she comes over and lets you bury your face in her farty SWEAT PANTS ASS!

DECEMBER 10th 2019

Santana is AGGRESSIVELY farting in your face while in the nude.  Pushing out these POWERFUL farts has hard as she can because she wants to destroy your face!  take that.. and that.. and that too!


OMG this is SO HOT!  Santana is FARTING FOR YOU to make your FETISH DREAMS come true.  She sticks that round ass on your nose and farts over and over again. and you will LOVE the things that she says...

"Wait, here it comes... are you ready?"

"Phew, that one was bad, sorry"

"I love when you smell them, do you like they way it smells?"

"They are awful today, but remember you asked for this"

YOUR DICK WILL EXPLODE FROM THIS CLIP!  she is totally seducing you with her STINKY AIR!  You will love her fart sounds too!  gassy, hissy, with a low rumble... you just KNOW that they stink from the sound!

NOVEMBER 26th 2019

Santana, your hot roommate is getting fed up with you because every time she cuts a fart you seem to always be around her ass trying to get a sniff!  and her farts are SO SEXY in this one..   DEEP and MULTI TONED.. sounded like her ass was saying actual words.. she is very annoyed though because you are ALWAYS trying to smell her ass after a fart.

NOVEMBER 17th 2019

Watch sexy Santana Redd PUNISH and VIBRATE her pillow with LONG RUMBLY FARTS then get up and stick her round ass in your face so you can sniff the stinky fabric.. I FUCKING LOVE videos like this!

NOVEMBER 10th 2019

Imagine Santana Redd has ordered you to get under her covers and sniff her ass after every fart.  They are l LONG and BASSY and according to Santana the farts smelled "weird" today.  Do you think you can take it??


Sexy Santana Redd is laying on the bed playing on her phone.. as you lay behind her she is letting out LONG, SEVEN SECOND duck sounding farts!  and she LIFTS HER LEG EVERY TIME!  apparently that helps to get all that stinky gas out.

OCTOBER 25th 2019

I have never heard Santana Redd rip a TEN SECOND FART before so this is so AWESOME!  And she said she had REALLY STINKY gas on this particular day.  this is my ALL TIME fav. scenario!  Watch Sexy Santana lean forward and let out 10 SECOND RUMBLERS and vibrate the computer chair while at the same time getting that hot MUFFLED sound by farting on the pillow.  Then after every fart she brings that ROUND ass over so you can sniff her RAUNCHY FART!  she is a bit annoyed that you are following her around just to sniff her farts.. but she loves you so she does it!

OCTOBER 16th 2019

Sexy SANTANA RED may have just made one of the
 hottest toilet clips ever!  THIS IS WHY WE WATCH!
 She is on fire right now and putting out the best
 stuff of her career!  GET READY FOR THE THUNDER!

OCTOBER 10th 2019

As you can see from the PREVIEW PIC Santana's farts are SO POWERFUL she is moving her HEAVY FABRIC DRESS with each powerful fart.. NOW she wants you to get behind her and SNIFF THE FABRIC because the smell of her RAUNCHY FARTS stays in there for a long time!


Santana has been eating a lot of meat which
gives her VERY STINKY GAS!  Her ass will
smother your face leaving you no
fresh air to breathe and she will
NOT STOP FARTING until she soils your face!

SEPTEMBER 25th 2019

Watch Santana's huge ass as she pushes out deep
rumbly farts that are so powerful you can see her
HEAVY dress move!  Look at the example pic.. I ain't kidding..
she is wearing a VELVET dress this time and making it move!
 and she said these farts smelled like spoiled milk..nice!

SEPTEMBER 18th 2019

No chick has ever looked hotter sitting
on the toilet!  I am really into Santana Redd
these days.. she is just hotter than ever!  I told
her to make a toilet clip for me and I wanted ONLY
the FARTY PLOPPY ACTION!  She did not dissappoint!
If you love PLOPS and FARTS ECHOING  in the bowl
then you MUST witness this fantastic clip!

SEPTEMBER 11th 2019

Watch Santana's round butt as she pushes out deep
rumbly farts that are so powerful you can see her
dress move!  Look at the example pic.. I ain't kidding..
 and she said these farts smelled like rotten veggies..yum!

SEPTEMBER 6th 2019

Your stepsister told you she was feeling gassy
and wanted to go in her room and fart in private
but little does she know you are secretly IN LOVE
WITH HER and you have rigged cameras in the room
to film her farting.  She thinks she is farting in private
but you are sitting there and watching her... YOU CREEP!


BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  There must be an ANGRY GHOST under those covers because there are many LONG, DEEP, BELLOWING SOUNDS coming from underneath the sheets!  Santana always has sexy low toned farts and these
are the lowest of the low!  It gets stinky under there so she had
to get on top of the covers later.. what a sexy body!

AUGUST 28TH 2019

You and your hot girlfriend Santana Redd are just relaxing on the bed.  She is very gassy tonight and you are laying behind her while she CONTINUOUSLY farts in your face.  This of course turns you on so she gets up and give you a nice SLOPPY BLOWJOB like any good girlfriend would!

AUGUST 23rd 2019

Santana keeps farting over and over again like
a crazy woman.  You want desperately to sniff
them so she comes over after each fart and
sticks her round ass in your face.  But she is
warning you.. her farts STINK LIKE EGGS

AUGUST 15TH 2019

Imagine laying behind Debbie as the blows fart after fart
 after WET, SLOPPY fart right into your nose and mouth.
 You might get pink eye.. but it's probably worth it!


PAARRRPPPPP!  over and over again PARRRRRP!
 back to back with no lag time... PARRRRRRRP!  
These are some of the most AMAZING fart
sounds ever!  So deep, so rumbly, so BASSY
ZERO CHANCE you last till the end of this video!
but you should try to make it till the end because
as a courtesty for watching the WHOLE video
she is going to give you a long sloppy blowjob!

JULY 28TH 2019

the fart the better!  Your girlfriend Santana Red
Knows this about you so every day she lets you
sniff her farts after she gets home from work
because they are EXTRA STINKY from her
having to hold them in all day long!

JULY 19TH 2019

I "begged" Santana to put on some sexy colorful leggings for me and rip FART after FART after BUBBLY FART right into my nose and mouth..  plus I asked for a SLOPPY BLOWJOB ... POV style... she did both.  Simple concept.. but with the way her ass looks and the way these farts sound may be her BEST CLIP YET!

JULY 11TH 2019

Santana Redd just wants to please you today.  She tells you how she loaded up on junk food and all she wants to do today is fart on your nose and mouth and suck your dick all day.. that's it.  She is going to fart right on your nose then quickly turn around and give you a LONG SLOBBERY GAGGY BLOWJOB.. oh and she is also farting while she SLOBS ON YOUR COCK... you my friend are going to have a good day today!
JULY 4TH 2019

Santana had a long day at work and she really appreciates the GREAT BACK RUBS you give her every nite.. although tonight she is VERY GASSY!  Mant her farts sound so DEEP and bassy.. like a TUBA..  to reward you she gives you some nice DOGGY STYLE SEX when you are done rubbing her back and get this.. she is STILL FARTING TUBA FARTS on your dick with every THRUST!

JUNE 25TH 2019

Over and over again.. BRUMMMMPH!  Deep
bassy GULPY!  Must be the jeans making
the farts sound like this and Santana Redd
must have ate a lot of food because she keeps
ripping these LOW TONED MONSTERS over
and over and over again.... BRUMMMMPH!