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Please enjoy your new host Santana Redd!

JULY 11TH 2019

Santana Redd just wants to please you today.  She tells you how she loaded up on junk food and all she wants to do today is fart on your nose and mouth and suck your dick all day.. that's it.  She is going to fart right on your nose then quickly turn around and give you a LONG SLOBBERY GAGGY BLOWJOB.. oh and she is also farting while she SLOBS ON YOUR COCK... you my friend are going to have a good day today!
JULY 4TH 2019

Santana had a long day at work and she really appreciates the GREAT BACK RUBS you give her every nite.. although tonight she is VERY GASSY!  Mant her farts sound so DEEP and bassy.. like a TUBA..  to reward you she gives you some nice DOGGY STYLE SEX when you are done rubbing her back and get this.. she is STILL FARTING TUBA FARTS on your dick with every THRUST!

JUNE 25TH 2019

Over and over again.. BRUMMMMPH!  Deep
bassy GULPY!  Must be the jeans making
the farts sound like this and Santana Redd
must have ate a lot of food because she keeps
ripping these LOW TONED MONSTERS over
and over and over again.... BRUMMMMPH!