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Watch Sexy Fennixx nearly BLOW THE DRESS OFF HER ASS with fart after SUPER EXPLOSIVE fart!  look at the PREVIEW PIC and see for yourself!  these farts were VERY POWERFUL and VERY LOUD! 

It is your "first date" with some new girl you met on a dating app.  she is hot but STRANGE!  she agreed to go out with you but she wants to FART and BURP in your face all night long!  Strange request.. but she is so hot you decided to go through with it!  this custom idea is HOT HOT HOT!

Even Fennixx cannot believe the HUGE BASSY SOUNDS blowing outta her ass behind her with her big round butt sticking up in the air!  She just wishes you were back there sniffing them! that's what she wants!!

in this simple video you are laying behind Fennixx as she twerks her ass and farts all in your face!  the way her ass TWERKS makes the farts have cook interesting sounds! QUACK QUACK! QUACK QUACK!

ONCE AGAIN Santana wants you to JERK OFF for her!  in this JOI video she first tells you "today.. you are going to cum for me... ok... now take out your cock and let's get started" then she pushes out a LONG DEEP TROMBONE FART!  she then "instructs" you how she wants you to stroke your cock.. first slow.. then faster..then she farts again... BRUMMMMMPPPHHH and rips another TUBA fart... her ass right in your face ... PERRRRRRRRNNNNT! all the while telling you to stroke your cock!  then at the end when you are READY TO EXPLODE she swings around so you can UNLOAD YOUR CUM right into her mouth!!!

LOOK AT THE PREVIEW PIC!! Watch sexy Fennixx make a HUGE FART BUBBLE has the rips SUPER LONG farts in the shower! you can literally SEE the soapy bubbles filling up with STINKY FART AIR!!

Your girlfriend Fennixx has bad gas and did not want you to miss her great farts! BERRRRNNNNNNTT! she rips a 25 SECOND FART right into the phone! "honey did you hear it?  I know you like the way it sounds, it smells like eggs... just like you like it"  she was laying on her side so these farts have an INCREDIBLE sound to them.. nice and deep... BRUUUPPPPHHHH!

we all know Fennixx is the GREATEST FARTER TO WALK THE EARTH.. but she really out did herself in this one.... YOU MUST BUY THIS FUCKING CLIP! if  you like girls farting YOU MUST BUY THE FUCKING CLIP!  some of the greatest farts you will ever hear and YOU GET TO SNIFF THEM TOO!!!!

I love this video!  She is laying with her big round ass sticking up in the background and telling you she "wishes you were back there so she could".. then she pauses.. pushes out a long BRUUUMMMMPPPPHHH! then finishes her sentence by saying....  "all in your face"

FENNIXX wants her ASS FUCKED so bad!  but first.. she wants to SHART in her cheeks and make it REALLY DIRTY for you..  so she proceeds to push out LONG WATERY SUPER POWERFUL FARTS!!! then she wants you to FUCK HER ASS..... HARD!  she tells you "I want you to fuck my ass but first let me fart and make it wet and dirty for you"  then you hit it POV doggy at the end of the clip!


RIPPING SIMPLY AMAZING FARTS IN HER NEW BROWN LATEX PANTS!!!  Fennixx in this custom fantasy is mad at you!  she is scrubbing the floor and farting so fucking LOUD AND BUBBLY because she has bad gas!  she is embarrassed and wants to be left alone but you have a fart fetish so you refuse to leave.. because these farts are just TOO DAMNED GOOD!  she tells you "I'm farting like a crazy bitch right now, please leave the room, I don't want you here"  and even tells you to "fuck off!"

In this CUSTOM FANTASY your hot roommate Santana asks you for a favor.  She does not have money for food this month so she asks if you will share your food with her... BUT.. she promises to let you sniff any farts she has from eating your foods.. she tells you..  "hey roommate, I had some of your eggs for breakfast.. come over here and I will let you smell them because I keep farting and they smell like eggs"  or "hey roommate, I had some of your ice cream and dairy makes me fart, so come sniff this!"

Watch sexy Fennixx move this dress
all around with SUPER POWERFUL farts!
She almost blew the dress off her body!!

THIS IS SO FUCKING AMAZING!  these farts are so LONG BLUBBERY!  and her ass is so BIG AND ROUND. and once again.. these FUCKING FARTS!  this is WORLD CLASS FARTING and it's all in your face!  she is dancing for you... asking you to "come along" for the ride.


In this custom clip you are sitting talking to Fennixx casually as she FARTS HER ASS OFF in her new latex pants!  her facial expressions!!! the EXTRA BUBBLY fart sounds!  this clip is fucking HOT!!! 

Fennixx tells you "come with me" because she wants to take you on the FART FETISH ride of your life!  the LONG RUMBLY MEGA BLASTS are some of her BEST WORK!  she is the fucking QUEEN OF FARTS and those tight BLACK LEATHER PANTS are going to SING YOU A LONG BASSY SONG!!!!!

Fennixx had too much to drink.. now she is THROWING UP in the toilet and farting LOUD and VERY BUBBLY!  the farts sound RUMBLY AND EXPLOSIVE!  they are amazing but she is SOO PISSED at you for sniffing her round farting ass instead of HELPING HER!  she thinks you are straight WEIRDO!

in this SPECIAL CLIP I slowed down the farts a bit so they sound EXTRA BASSY!  FUCK this is so hot!  LONG DEEP TROMBONE farts coming outta her ass while wearing sexy red LINGERIE!  FUCK this is hot as hell!!

I love when you can hear a LONG RUMBLY FART coming out of a models ass behind her when you can see her beautiful face at the same time!  GODDASS JENN wants you to get back there and sniff it up as she pushes all that LONG BUBBLY GOODNESS into your face!! 

It's time to go NIGHT NIGHT!  Sexy Fennixx is going to SMOTHER your with her huge round ass and rip LONG deep MUFFLED farts on your nose!  all of them in the 15 SECOND RANGE!


In this PART 2!! Jenn wants you to imagine yourself UNDER THE BLANKETS as she blasts your face with LONG, GASSY, BELLOWING TUBA FARTS under the covers!  She ate a lot of REFRIED BEANS and she has enough gas to drive to FUCKING VEGAS!  so go ahead, get under those covers cause its a DUTCH OVEN DISASTER!!!

SANTANA REDD slowly LOWERS HER ASS DOWN ONTO YOUR FACE and buries you under her huge round ass!  SMOTHERING YOU in gassy thunder and LONG LONG farts..  NOTHING UNDER TEN SECONDS and the longest trump was in the 40 SECOND RANGE which I do believe is her WORLD RECORD!!!

Fennixx is very ill.  She has been vomiting all morning.  Something really upset her stomach because she is also FARTING LOUDLY LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN!  every time she gags she rips a SUPER HUGE SUPER LONG RUMBLY FART!  they do sound good I must admit.. but you can also hear her PUKE splashing in the water!  All this is happening and you are back there sniffing her farts and she cannot believe this.. she is not happy

Santana needs to take a DUMP so beware all of her farts have that PRE DUMP smell to them...  now lay behind her and sniff these LONG LONG FARTS!  most of them in the 25-30 SECOND RANGE!!

Just about every fart in this clip was 20 SECONDS LONG and they all were WET and ended in a SHART sound!  and yes she is rocking her BRAND NEW LEGGINGS! ONE FART WAS 23 SECONDS LONG!

This entire clip is basically two or three farts!!!  that is how fucking long they were!  she had two farts in the 40 SECOND RANGE!  and them fuckers were DEEP!  LIKE A TROMBONE!!!

Dakota Reign farting in your face in TIGHT JEAN SHORTS!  one of the hottest FARTING IN JEANS clips you will ever see!

FENNIXX YOUR FART FETISH THERAPIST thinks that farting RIGHT IN YOUR NOSE will cure you once and for all of your fart fetish.  So in new leggings she farts in your face OVER and OVER again hoping to cure you of fart fetish because it has taken over your life.. this is intense FART FETISH THERAPY!

FENNIXX wants to take you to fart fetish paradise!  Just take her hand and go along for the ride while her POWERFUL JEAN FARTS land you in the next dimension of extacy!!

FENNIXX has been on a role with her jean videos so here is another one!  FUCK her farts sound so good in this one and she is making that LIZZY QUEEN OF FARTS facial expression as she pushes out each LONG BUBBLY DUCK SOUNDING FART!!!

PART 2!!  SEXY FENNIX takes on the "she make it clap" Soulja Boy challenge!  If you don't know then google it!  FENNIX is such a good farter!  these farts are LONG like they go on for days and days!  this might just be the VIDEO OF THE FUCKING CENTURY! shout out to BIG DRAKO!!!

SEXY SANTANA takes on the "she make it clap" Soulja Boy challenge!  If you don't know then google it!  Man Santana is so HOT and GIRLY and CUTE and she is BASSY FARTING like a crazy woman!  this might just be the VIDEO OF THE FUCKING YEAR! shout out to BIG DRAKO!!!

Not sure what in the FUCK happened to Debbie!!! but these farts are..




Like if BIG BERTHA SELENA LOCA BRITTANY MOORE EVE TABOO all had a baby.. well they did.. and they named her DEBBIE DISTURBED!    (out of this fucking world farts in this one!!)


Penelope has been seeing me for a while behind her boyfriend's back mainly because her bf is very controlling and just an overall asshole toward her, whereas I am an outgoing and noble man. However, most importantly, I have a large dick which makes her horny as fuck, and I enjoy her big smelly ass and her bassy gas, something that her boyfriend never appreciated which makes it something else that Penelope especially hates about him. When I come around to see her this time though, she managed to tie her boyfriend up, and plans to cuck him by having him eat her big smelly ass while she sucks my dick, and then having him watch us have amazing fart sex together. I enter Penelope’s house to find her bare ass naked in the living room with her boyfriend tied next to her. (The first scene starts here) I enter the living room and she greets me with an AMAZING KISS, one of the best she’s given me, while we’re kissing she tells me that she is so excited and wet for tonight, as well as that I can PLAY WITH HER ASS while we smooch, and her bf isn’t going to be able to do this to her anymore. Oh, and yes, she begins to slip out some NICE BASSY FARTS during our kissing too. After we complete our kiss, she tells me to make myself comfortable and gestures to the black leather living room chair, so I obey and take a seat, but not before making myself comfortable by stripping out of my attire. (The second scene starts here) The sight of my already hard dick is certainly more than enough to get Penelope absolutely horny and naughty, as well as on all fours approaching my member, all the while ordering her bf to get behind her, so that he can lick her nice farting ass. Penelope then begins to SUCK MY COCK while letting those SPECIAL BASS FILLED FARTS, I love so much, loose in her boyfriend’s face. She humiliates him during the blowjob by stating things like: “You will never get a blowjob from me ever again!”, “That’s right, you bitch, eat my stinky farts!”, “Your shrimpy dick doesn’t even compare to his dick!” “You’re just a piece of junk that cleans my ass now!”, “I hate that you don’t like my farts!”, “Deal with it you pussy!”, “You will never again have this kind of fun with me!”, etc. On the other hand, she praises and encourages me by saying things to me like, “Oh, I just love your big dick”, “You like the smell of my farts?”, “I love that you enjoy my bassy farts”, “You like it when I fart for you while I suck your cock, don’t you baby?”, “You’re so nice, and he is such an ass!”, “Your dick is getting harder for me”, “As soon as you’re ready baby, I want you to fuck me!”, “Smell my nice stinky onions baby, so you can fuck me real good!”, etc. Not only this, but every so often she looks up at me to give me a playful wink, before going back to town on my dick while her dirty words, and special bassy farts keep on coming. Then, as soon as my cock is throbbing nicely, she tells me, “I want it baby! I am so fucking wet and horny now, so let’s fuck”. With that we head to the bedroom, while dragging bf along with us so he can watch us have our SPECIAL FART FILLED SEX. (The third scene starts here) As soon as we enter the bedroom, she gets down and bends over the side of her bed, in DOGGY POSITION, so she can receive my stiff shaft. As soon as I enter her pussy, she lets out a moan of ecstasy, and of course one of those special bassy farts and I BEGIN TO FUCK HER. We start out slow for the first half of this position, so that way Penelope can really show off what those nice and big meaty ass cheeks can do, since she occasionally GRINDS AND SLAPS her ass, and all the while Penelope fires away more of those SPECIAL BASSY FARTS and she even occasionally glances over to me to give me a sexually charged wink. Also, during our sensual sex, she humiliates bf by saying things like, “You see, you little bitch, He knows how to treat a woman”, “You see this pussy, it’s His now”, “I couldn’t even feel your itty-bitty cock during the pathetic times we had sex”, “Your dick didn’t even last a few seconds in my pussy”, “This amazing ass you see, it belongs to Him”, “You will never be allowed to play with my ass again”, “Oh, by the way, you’re never having sex with me again”, “ All you will ever be is a cucked piece of junk”, “He knows how to pound me, you never even got the chance”, etc. When she praised and encouraged me, during our passionate fuck, she said things like, “Oh my god, your dick feels so good!”, “I love farting on your cock while you fuck me”, “You love smelling these stinky farts while you fuck me?”, “You love my big stinky ass, don’t you?”, “This big ass is yours baby, so do whatever you want to it”, “You want me to slap my ass for you, honey?”, “Do you want me to grind my juicy ass on your cock?”, “fuck me, baby, while I fart for you”, “You’re fucking the farts right out of me, honey”, “I can twerk for you too baby, would you like that?”, “You feel so better than he ever did”, “Give me that dick, honey”, etc. Hearing the words coming out of her mouth, as well as smelling and hearing those special bassy farts, I love, and seeing her big beautiful ass shifting back and forth while her pussy takes it is simply irresistible, but soon we get to a consistent and more mid-paced speed and it is here when she can bounce, and periodically TWERK her meaty bass farting ass on my cock, all the while talking dirty to me, and humiliating her boyfriend throughout. She soon tells me that I can have her body whenever I wish, and fuck her whenever I have the desire or urge, and it is soon after this when she tells me that she wants to speed things up and ride me, so we both get on the bed to continue our hot fart sex experience. (The final scene starts here) Penelope mounts me FROM BEHIND, and RIDES ME HARD. She bounces and grinds her farting ass all over my cock, and tells me to smack it and pound it as she is as horny as a girl can be by now. Eventually, she puts the speed into overdrive as she is close to cumming, and now says things like, “You like it when I fart on your dick?”, “Keep going, baby”, “I want to cum all over your nice big dick”, “I’m so close, honey” “that’s so good, babe”, “I’m gonna cum all over you while I fart”, “Oh, I’m gonna cum!”, etc. After a few more wild farts and smacks to her ass, SHE EXPLODES all over my dick, and realizing that I haven’t nutted, she suggests that on this particular occasion, I should explode in her pussy and IMPREGNATE HER with more of those farts coming out of that big ass, so she TWERKS on my dick while BEGGING, nearly to the point of DEMANDING, ME TO CUM, and not long after, I shoot my creamy load DEEP INSIDE HER. After our amazing fart filled intercourse, she gets up and tells her boyfriend that she never wants to see him again, as she is going to live with me instead where she can be treated by a real man who has her best interests. She then ends the clip by telling me that she is so glad that we are going to be starting a family, she has me in her life, and that she is going to take a shower, but teases me by stating that perhaps we can have round two in there, followed by one final playful wink.


Have you seen the TIK TOK "lawn mower challenge".. if not google it.  Well hot chicks with BIG ASSES pretend to start their asses up as if they are trying to start a big lawn mower!  Well Santana Redd got in on this challenge except rather than a lawn mower her has was ripping HUGE GASSY, BASSY farts!  one of them was 22 SECONDS!!  and when she SHAKES HER ASS those DEEP FARTS make COOL fucking sounds!

FUCK!!!  Santana Redd broke another record with her 27 second fart!  My customer wanted another compilation of farts in the black pants and once again Santana fucking Delivered!  the farts in this clip are so FUCKING LONG!  one that is 27 SECONDS followed by BRUUUUUUMPHS with just about all of them being TEN SECONDS or longer!!!


me and you are watching the football game.. it is about to start.. it is your steelers versus the ravens... your team is the steelers mine is the ravens... you have beer and snacks and you are farting and belching your ass off!.... during this game you will make a bet with me... here is the bet...if I win we will have sex... if you win you are going to eat me and dump me out in the morning...fart and burp a lot while watching the start of the game and set up your bet with me.  I want DEEP BELCHES and DEEP FARTS!  do some of your best deep belching!  later in the clip say "ravens are getting their ass kicked.. it's not looking so good for your team... looks like I am going to be eating you and dumping you out tommorrow" continue to fart, burp and make comments about how my team is losing... when you fart tell me.. "I am going to be farting you out tommorrow just like that" and also say "you better call a plumber because after I eat you and digest you I am going to dump you out and clog the toilet" "your gonna lose and I am going to eat you"... I am scared.. say "don't get scared now.. a bet is a bet" keep farting and drinking beer and deep bassy burping.. talk about "beer makes my farts smell so bad" and say "after I eat you my farts are going to smell even worse" then when the game is ending say "wait wait" and then fart and pretend like that was the final buzzer of the game.. scream in happiness "whewww" act like you are coming toward me and going to eat me and that I am scared and say "don't be scared.. come here.. a bet is a bet" then come close to the camera with your mouth.. like you are eating me.. then sit on the couch.. rubbing your belly like I am in there.. say "MMMMmmm. you were so delicious.. how does it feel to be in my stomach.. " then rub your belly and fart and burp like you are farting and burping because of me...  this is PART TWO of this special custom fantasy!!

The Queen had a steak earlier which gives her AWFUL stinky gas.. she wants you down on the floor with her to sniff her bubbly jean cladded ass!


"The idea for the video is that we're dating and she has been extremely gassy lately from eating all my friends that come over to the house. I find out that she's been eating my friends and I am mad at her, but also turned on by how gassy she's been from digesting my friends and how big it's made her ass get.  Her farts are so long and deep that they sound like a tuba coming out of her tight jeans.  Have her get the longest farts possible.   No props needed or shots of her eating anyone needed, it can all be implied that she's eaten them. I just wanted it to be a farting video with long deep sounding farts and talk about eating and digesting people. Any burping included would be nice too."

well let me tell you it came out FANTASTIC!  we have never done a video like this before but it came out SO FUCKING HOT!  her farts sound so SEXY like a COW MOO'ING outta her butt!! and you will LOVE the pose she is doing with the TUBA FARTS blowing out behind her while you watch her pretty face!

This custom fantasy was done for a long time loyal fan- (PART 4)

"Step-Dad is away so my step-mom Santana lets me sniff her farts whenever she has one.  she is always cute and playful about it saying things like...

"hey open your window or smell this"   BRUMMMMPH

"hey, you need to take out the trash, and take this too"   BRUMMMMPH

"hey this is what I think about that"   BRUMMMMPH

and after ripping a huge fart (some of them 15 seconds long) she will wave the smell over to my nose"

DAMN DAMN DAMN!  this is the fantasy we all have both MUFASA and DAKOTA together taking turns farting in our faces!!!  fucking PARADISE and Mufasa blew some BASSY AIRY BELCHES in your face also!!!


the fan wrote.....

"I know Debbie is known for long farts but I would like to see how long Santana Redd can rip a deep bassy fart also.  I would like her to make a compilation of only her longest farts"

well Santana made this customer VERY happy!  not only did she AGAIN provide a 12 SECOND FART most of these farts are in the 8 SECOND RANGE!  and some in the 5 SECOND RANGE... all are long and very sexy sounding! and she did all of these long as fuck farts in TIGHT JEANS and TIGHT PANTS!  LONG FART LOVERS time to do the cabbage patch dance!

fart after fart after LONG BUBBLY fart in tight jeans.. and they are long  10 SECONDS LONG! at least some of them and they have those DREAM JEAN sounds that we all love to hear in TIGHT JEAN fart videos!!

these girls are FARTING UP A STORM while SUCKING YOUR COCK at the same time... the very least you could do is CUM FOR THEM!  they want to swallow your cum give them LOTS OF FUCKING CUM!!!

Imagine going to a "meet and greet" where you can have sex and get blowjobs from the HOTTEST FART MODELS IN THE WORLD!  Get your dick sucked by LOLA LUV, fuck SANTANA REDD missionary style and FUCK MUFASA doggytyle and they are all FARTING THE WHOLE TIME!

farting on the hard floor, farting on the bed with ass buried in mattress, farting on a hard chair!  yes the NEW QUEEN channels the OLD QUEEN in this fantastic clip because when Debbie was ripping these MUFFLED MOOO SOUNDING farts she looked a lot like the original QOF Lizzy when she was farting, leaning to one side and make that "face".  In this clip.. she is so cute funny and fun!  you will fall in love!

FART TERRORIST BRAPPADELICA has placed you in her uniquely designed rotten egg fart incubator.  FUCK her ass LOOKS LIKE AND EGG and SMELLS LIKE AN EGG!  She pushes out LONG FLAPPERS in your face and you can hear her sexy LONG SIGH OF RELIEF!  and then she studies you...  her prisoner to see the effect of they SMELLY EGG FARTS on your overall demeanor!

the way these farts REVERBERATE off the leather couch is INSANE!  they are so BUBBLY AND WET!! yes the NEW QUEEN channels the OLD QUEEN in this fantastic clip because when Debbie was ripping these MONSTER farts she looked a lot like the original QOF Lizzy when she was farting, leaning to one side and make that "face".  In this clip.. she is PISSED at you... so you get to hear her fart.. but you CANNOT smell it.. because you pissed her off earlier.. that is why she is giving your the "fuck you" middle finger!

Wow..  you walk into the house to find your roommate acting very STRANGE and on top of that she has the WORST GAS EVER!  you have never heard her fart like that.. and you are just wondering what happened??

in this CUSTOM FANTASY your cute roommate knows you have a STRONG FART FETISH so whenever she is running a little short on cash she asks you can she pay her rent with farts.. in other words.. she will let you BURY YOUR NOSE IN HER ROUND ASS and inhale all of her farts for a few days and in exchange for this you let her slide on this months rent.  as soon as you hear that RUMBLY MULTI TONED FART clearly it is an offer you cannot refuse!

blowing the eggs RIGHT IN YOUR FACE at the same time she eats them!! her face is so sexy as she lets out those LONG RUMBLY farts all over her slaves nose and mouth.. she looks so RELIEVED!  and you can tell they STUNK just by the way they sounded.. MMMMmmmm I wish that was me back there!

Mona KNOWS you go crazy over sniffing her big round butt when she farts so EVERY TIME she has to PUSH OUT a long RUMBLY BRUPPPPMMMMHHHH! she makes sure to come over and do it ON YOUR NOSE! then later in the clip she give you the POV blowjob of a life time while she blows MONSTER JEAN FARTS behind her while sucking your hard throbbing cock!!


I arrive home from work and my gf Nicole has been horny for me all day, so as soon as I get home, she is eager for some action, and she has been holding in her gas all day because she knows that it turns me on. She gives me a lust filled evening in 4 scenes. In the first scene, she gives me a nice farty strip tease and dance (have Nicole show off her ass because I am an ass man), after a while I cut the dance short, so we can have our sex filled night. This leads to the second scene where she sits me down on the chair and begins to blow me while farting, she farts and sucks for a while and as soon as my cock is nice and hard, she remains in her position and lets me get behind her, doggystyle, so I can stick my shaft in, and watch those meaty cheeks bounce on my cock and balls. This begins the third scene where we start off having a good slow fuck, so she can rip more of the farts that turn me on a lot, and then about 2 minutes in, we kick things up a notch and I fuck her brains out, while she farts like crazy, and as soon as she cums, she sits me back down for the fourth and final scene, so she can suck me off until I cum in her mouth with more of those farts coming out of that big ass. Man, I certainly needed this after a long day of work.

My cool hot roommate used to fart around me all the time..  but when I told her I GOT TURNED ON BY IT she got creeped out and stopped farting around me and in front of me..  I miss those DEEP RUMBLY LONG farts of hers.. so I secretly recorded her farting alone in her room while changing clothes............  what?!

You love worshipping Santana Redds round ass but there is just one problem this time.. she is SMELLY BAD GAS tonight.  She is REALLY enjoying you kissing rubbing and sniffing her ass but HER FARTS ARE FUCKING UNBEARABLE today!  She is practically MELTING YOUR FACE with smelly hot gas.. but she loves her butt massage so you man up and power through it!

You told Santana Redd "the stinkier the better" so she is eating HARD BOILED EGGS and at the same time blowing that EGGY STENCH right in your nose as you kneel behind her on your knees.

In this CUSTOM CLIP your "weird" step mom keeps coming in your room to FART BIG and make you laugh.  She comes in "hey this room is a mess, clean it oh and don't forget this" then she turns around and rips a huge BRAPPPPTZZZ! later she comes in again "dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.. oh and also" PPPPZZZZZZZTTTT! She lifts her leg and pushes out a long PARPER!  this is such a great video!!

Just like the girls do on U TOOB I had our FART QUEEN try on all of her SEXIEST SHORTS and show the different ways they fit on her BIG OL ASS.. and she was ripping LONG WET AND WATERY FARTS the whole fucking time!  you will hear many different sounds.. tight shorts make DEEPER sounds... the loose ones make WATERY MORE AIRY type sounds.. and there are a TON of farts to choose from!

Dakota thinks she is a BBW.. what do you guys think?  I do know her ass is BIG, BEAUTIFUL and WINDY!  these DEEP FARTS sounded like jean farts and she was NAKED!  that BOOTY MEAT make her farts sound LOW and MUFFLED even with no clothes on!

THIS IS FUCKING HOT! ALL OF THESE FARTS WERE 15-20 SECONDS LONG and there were a bunch of them!  LOOK AT THE PREVIEW PIC.. that is ALL FART... and she is BITING HER BOTTOM LIP making sexy facial expressions as she pushes out these LONG WATERY MONSTERS!!!

Quarantine is so BORING... Santana is just laying on the couch LIFTING HER LEG and ripping DEEP farts.  yes.. that is her only plan for the day.. to relax, play on her phone and FART HER LIFE AWAY.. she even tells you how bored she is. right before she hoists her leg up and let it RIP!

Santana wants to show you EXACTLY how she would have your eat her ass.. lick her pussy and SNIFF HER SMELLY GAS from every position she can think of.  YOU are the stuffed toy and her SMELLY BASSY ASS is the weapon!  and these farts are SO DEEP because the toy is deep in her asshole so the farts have a TUBA LIKE MUFFLED type of sound.. this is the hottest "FARTING ON A PLUSH TOY" video I have ever seen!!


this is the first thing Debbie says to you in this video!  her farts are SUPER SMELLY today and she wants you to get your nose DEEP in her asshole BETWEEN HER MEATY CHEEKS and INHALE everything that comes out until you pass the fuck out!

You were over visiting your girlfriend at her house when suddenly her family came home.. she tells you to GET IN HER CLOSET and that you have to WAIT until every one goes to bed and then you can quietly sneak outta her room..  GOOD NEWS is she will come and fart for you whenever she has a fart so you will get to SNIFF THEM ALL NIGHT.. you just have to wait in the closet and she will stick her ass in there for you!

BIG ROUND JUICY JEAN FART ASS moving back and forth all night long farting ROTTEN FARTS in your face all night because it is your Birthday!  You made a wish and you got it..  JUICY FACE FARTS back 2 back!

Santana Redd wants you to EAT AND TONGUE her asshole while she farts in your mouth.. BUT be careful.. she says her farts are REALLY BAD today!  She describes the smell as "rotten eggs and rotten meat".  She decided to put POWDERED SUGAR on her asshole so the whole experience will be much "sweeter"...  sniffing these DEEP FARTS and inhaling that CLOUD OF POWDERED SUGAR is kinda like eating a face fart MONTE CRISTO!  bon appetite'

Santana Redd has recently switched over to a VEGAN DIET..  let's just say it is not going well!  Her farts are so SMELLY she cannot stand herself.. good thing she has your NOSE to take out her frustrations!

Imagine you are down on your knees, behind Santana Redd as she blows EGG SMELLING SULPHUR farts right on your face as you bury your nose in those TIGHT LEGGINGS.  a POV fantasy not to be missed!

This is what SANTANA REDD promises you if you pay 10k for her services!  Spend the money and she will fly to where ever you are and FART ON YOUR FACE FOR 3 DAYS STRAIGHT!  she starts this video...

"thank you for supporting me all these years.. I want to show you exactly how I would fart on your face if you were here with me right now"

then she shows you how she would fart LOUDLY all over your face in different outfits and poses!  and these farts were HUGE, BASSY and LONG!  some of her best farts ever! she also tells you...

"if you were behind me I would do this *fart*" or.. "I would fart on your nose like this"

she comments the whole time so you know exactly how she is going to serve up those sexy farts!  so who is ready to live the dream?!

BEAUTIFUL BUNNY has some of the best sounding farts ever!  She is the first girl to wear a THONG but still get RUMBLY BASSY SOUNDS!  her ass is so round and MEATY that she gets those fart sounds we love no matter what she is wearing on her SLIM THICC ass!

Today you are Santana Redd's FART SLAVE!  She has put on
her TIGHTEST LEGGINGS and she wants you to get behind
 her and HUFF fart after BASSY FARTS as she blows them
right in your nose.. INHALE fart boy!

Wearing TIGHT LEGGINGS Dr. Santana FART FETISH THERAPIST feels that the STRONG ODOR of her farts after eating several HARD BOILED EGGS will surely cure you of your fart fetish.  I mean really would could just sit there and enjoy the STENCH of rotten eggs being blown into their face over and over again???

Santana Redd your FART PSYCHO THERAPIST is trying to help you figure out why girls farting turns you on so much.  She farts DEEP FARTS that VIBRATE HER CHAIR and then WAFTS THE SMELL over to you to record your reactions.  later in the clip she stands up in SKIN TIGHT JEANS to rip DEEP BASSY FARTS right into your face.. and then she tell you to "go ahead, sniff it, it's ok I am a Doctor, don't be embarrassed"  oh my GAWD! Santana Redd really NAILED this CUSTOM FANTASY.. this is SO FUCKING AMAZING!!!

OH MY GAWD!!! Santana's ass looks SO GOOD in those skin tight jeans and these farts were LOW and DEEP!  you will LOVE these muffled sounds! and she is talking sweet to you asking you "can you guess what I had for dinner" as she keep blowing them in your face!  over and over again.. and they are BASSY!

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We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
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This is a very simple concept.. Santana does a DEEP BASSY FART COMPILATION in all of her favorite jeans.. and she is inviting you to get your face in there after every TUBA sounding fart!


see also JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross see also CotDayumm see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter at CWorldent

Santana LOVES when you are DIRTY
and she loves it when you SMELL
her ROTTEN FARTS!  She begs you
"please sniff my fart, it makes
me so horny when you do dirty
things like that with me"  So sheSkeeps blowing LONG DEEP farts
in your face while wearing
black spandex tights!

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Santana put on her FAVORITE BLACK TIGHTS and she is going to fart
 in your face ALL NIGHT LONG! and she is saying really sweet things!
"sniff it" "I don't mind farting in your face all night" "does it stink?"
 "smell it baby, I don't mind" "did you like my fart" "do
 you like the way that smells" her sexy naughty talk
is SO HOT and these farts were DEEP and LONG!

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Santana Redd was just about to take a MONSTER DUMP but she did not want to waste the STINKY FARTS that come before a monster dump so right before she sits on the toilet she decides to blow them in your face!

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