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Watch Rocsi place that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LOUD MORNING GAS all over your nose and mouth while teasing you the whole time! asking you "do you want it?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

DISTURBIA once again! Santana Redd wants to make all your fart sniffing dreams come true!  she farts for you in sexy poses in tight tight jeans while dancing slow and sexy and ripping LONG DEEP BUBBLY FARTS!

DISTURBIA in the flesh! Punishing you with MEGA BLASTS Fennixx is back! as she fucking PULVERIZES YOUR FACE with the GREATEST FARTS EVER FUCKING RIPPED!  THIS TIME IN TIGHT LEGGINGS!! the queen is fucking BACK!

out of the world of DISTURBIA Rocsi has noticed that YOU her STEP-SON has been stealing her dirty panties and sniffing them and jerking off to them.. she tells you

"step-son stop stealing my panties it's really creepy.  you wanna sniff my ass so bad sniff this deep rumbly fart instead"

the QOF has been gaining weight!  she is farting like crazy! her ass is getting HUGE! that thing is as WIDE AS ALL OUTSIDE! and in her BRAND NEW JEANS these farts are sounding extra LONG AND BUBBLY!!
from the world of DISTURBIA you and your STEP-SISTER Dakota  are hanging out when you ask her to let you sniff her fart.  she tells you it is ok but hurry up before your STEP-MOM catches the two of you!

the queen of DISTURBIA is pissed at you! in this CUSTOM FANTASY your roommate THE QUEEN OF FARTS has NOT been paying her part of the bills and she also has NOT been farting in your face like she promised she would.  So to teach her a lesson you LOCKED THE BATHROOM DOOR!  she NEEDS TO TAKE A HUGE DUMP but you have LOCKED HER OUT OF THE BATHROOM and she CANNOT STOP FARTING! she is just about to DUMP IN HER PANTS when she decides to drop her HUGE LOAD in a nearby trash can.  she is SO PISSED at you for locking the bathroom she decides to DUMP THE TRASH CAN on your head at the end

QUEEN OF DISTURBIA THE GREATEST FART MODEL TO EVER WALK THE EARTH HAS RETURNED!!!! Punishing you with MEGA BLASTS Fennixx is back! and she tells you "sit still don't move" as she fucking PULVERIZES YOUR FACE with the GREATEST FARTS EVER FUCKING RIPPED!  THIS TIME IN TIGHT LEGGINGS!! the queen is fucking BACK!

QUEEN OF DISTURBIA THE GREATEST FART MODEL TO EVER WALK THE EARTH HAS RETURNED!!!! Punishing you with MEGA BLASTS Fennixx is back! and she tells you "sit still don't move" as she fucking PULVERIZES YOUR FACE with the GREATEST FARTS EVER FUCKING RIPPED!  the queen is fucking BACK!

from the land of DISTURBIA watch Rocsi rip farts SOO RUMBLY AND POWERFUL that she is moving that white lace dress with HOT STINKY MUSTY AIR!!  THIS IS FUCKING HOT!!

LONG TUBA BLASTS in your face from your sexy step-mom!  bury your face in it! she will keep your secret! and she commands you to KEEP STROKING YOUR COCK!

A 45 SECOND FART!  A 45 SECOND FART! A 45 SECOND FART! Sexy Santana Redd wanted to see if she could break her WORLD RECORD fart and right out of the gate she hits us with A 45 SECOND FART!  amongst other LONG RIPS in this clip!

most of the LONG TROMBONE farts ripped in this compilation were in the FIFTEEN SECOND RANGE with some as long as TWENTY SECONDS!  more RECORD BREAKERS from the hottest model on earth!

ROCSI TELLS YOU--- " come here.. smell my eggs.  I don't like the way they smell but I know you do!  I  put on my pajama pants so the smell can stay in there a long time!  get your nose in there"

PEAR SHAPED ROCSI is so surprised that you are into farts! she is willing to let you sniff her butt right after she farts but she warns you her farts really smell like EGGS today!

MIGHT BE THE CLIP OF THE YEAR!  Watch Sexy Santana move her dress around with DEEP RUMBLY LOW TONED FARTS that are SO POWERFUL you won't believe them!  in this Santana tells you...

"can you smell that?? my farts smell horrible today...this whole house is going to stink... yuck" "oh.. my... gawd.... yes.. yes yes.... feels so fucking good gettting that out" "sniff the dress... smell those fucking eggs... this dress is going to smell like rotten eggs for weeks" this also posted to DISTURBIA

these BRUMMMMMPPPPPHHHH sounding farts were in the 15-20 second range!  Santana is ready to pay her bills again with her DEEP SEXY farts!  she tells you.... 

"have a seat roommate, it is time to go over the bills"

"ok I don't have much money this month so (fart) that is for the phone bill... (fart) that is for my part of the gas and electric (fart) and that stinky one was for the cable bill"

MORE NEW GODDESS JENN!  A nice sexy compilation of her famous DEEP LONG farts including toilet farts as well!  My favorite is when she was farting while in the treadmill!  brummph brummph brummmmmph! this can also be seen on Disturbia

You have told your new girlfriend Fennixx that you like sniffing pretty girls farts!  she thinks it is WEIRD but she loves you and she is down to give it a try.. because she wants to make you happy.  she tells you....
"are you sure? I am so nervous, what if they stink really bad??"

"I have never done this before, I can't believe you want to smell my fart. I like it though"

"Sniff it.. sniff it real slow.... I am sorry they stink.. they are kind of bad today, I hope it's ok"

"I don't know why they smell like that. they are awful... I am so so sorry about that"

You must be punished for being a very "bad boy".  You must get on your knees, get in the closet and INHALE Santana's RAUNCHY STINKY GAS for the rest of the day! that will teach you not to disappoint Santana!

WATCH BIG BOOTY MODEL FENNIXX break her HUGE LONG farts down into SMALLER more powerful farts and blast your nose with what had to be at least 100 farts!  her naked ass makes it easier to get CLOSER to your nose! THIS IS PART 2!

you did something to piss SANTANA REDD off.. so she wants you to get behind her HUGE ASS so she can fart in your face over and over again until in her own words you "fucking collapse!"

in this simple video you are laying behind Fennixx as she twerks her ass and farts all in your face!  the way her ass TWERKS makes the farts have cook interesting sounds! QUACK QUACK! QUACK QUACK!

ONCE AGAIN Santana wants you to JERK OFF for her!  in this JOI video she first tells you "today.. you are going to cum for me... ok... now take out your cock and let's get started" then she pushes out a LONG DEEP TROMBONE FART!  she then "instructs" you how she wants you to stroke your cock.. first slow.. then faster..then she farts again... BRUMMMMMPPPHHH and rips another TUBA fart... her ass right in your face ... PERRRRRRRRNNNNT! all the while telling you to stroke your cock!  then at the end when you are READY TO EXPLODE she swings around so you can UNLOAD YOUR CUM right into her mouth!!!


RIPPING SIMPLY AMAZING FARTS IN HER NEW BROWN LATEX PANTS!!!  Fennixx in this custom fantasy is mad at you!  she is scrubbing the floor and farting so fucking LOUD AND BUBBLY because she has bad gas!  she is embarrassed and wants to be left alone but you have a fart fetish so you refuse to leave.. because these farts are just TOO DAMNED GOOD!  she tells you "I'm farting like a crazy bitch right now, please leave the room, I don't want you here"  and even tells you to "fuck off!"

in this SPECIAL CLIP I slowed down the farts a bit so they sound EXTRA BASSY!  FUCK this is so hot!  LONG DEEP TROMBONE farts coming outta her ass while wearing sexy red LINGERIE!  FUCK this is hot as hell!!

I love when you can hear a LONG RUMBLY FART coming out of a models ass behind her when you can see her beautiful face at the same time!  GODDASS JENN wants you to get back there and sniff it up as she pushes all that LONG BUBBLY GOODNESS into your face!! 

You told Santana Redd "the stinkier the better" so she is eating HARD BOILED EGGS and at the same time blowing that EGGY STENCH right in your nose as you kneel behind her on your knees.

OH MY GAWD!!! Santana's ass looks SO GOOD in those skin tight jeans and these farts were LOW and DEEP!  you will LOVE these muffled sounds! and she is talking sweet to you asking you "can you guess what I had for dinner" as she keep blowing them in your face!  over and over again.. and they are BASSY!

this was just posted to DISTURRBIA

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We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter @CWorldent

Santana put on her FAVORITE BLACK TIGHTS and she is going to fart
 in your face ALL NIGHT LONG! and she is saying really sweet things!
"sniff it" "I don't mind farting in your face all night" "does it stink?"
 "smell it baby, I don't mind" "did you like my fart" "do
 you like the way that smells" her sexy naughty talk
is SO HOT and these farts were DEEP and LONG!

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